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Blockchain Monster Hunt Team
The project has a multi-talented founding team with backgrounds in international IT and gaming corporations such as Google, Facebook, Garena, and Microsoft. Moreover, they are backed by many excellent investors and partners. In September 2021, the team closed the first investment round at $3.8M. The round was led by Animoca Brands with strategic investments from Polygon, PNetwork, SkyVision, ChainBoost, GD10 Venture, Everse Capital, Polkastarter, MoonEdge, MorningStar Ventures, Delta Blockchain Fund, HyperEdge, Hyperion Alpha, Safe Launch, Ignition, Chainflow, Double Peak, DWeb3, and ZBSCapital.
Some Words From Our Investors
Yat Siu, chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands: We are delighted to lead this round of investment in Blockchain Monster Hunt, a fun and exciting project that is spearheading multichain interoperability - and thus points the way to the future. This is notably the first multi-chain game with a cross-chain marketplace and it has a powerful vision and an impressive team to execute that vision.
Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran, GD10 Ventures: We are proud to be an early investor on Blockchain Monster Hunt. This is a unique blockchain game which in our view, could lead to a design paradigm shift in the industry, as dev studios look to create games where the scarcity of NFTs are intrinsically built into their appearance on randomly designed time-based blocks. Imagine catching an NFT that appears once in every 25 years. The team draws experience from companies such as Facebook and Google, and are backed by the impressive ChainGuardian team who we have had the privilege of working with over the last year. We are beyond excited to be a part of this journey alongside highly respected and reputable investors, marketmakers, and networks; and pledge to provide our full support, network, and marketing to help realize our shared vision.
Kavita Gupta, GP, Delta Blockchain fund: The future of gaming is to use the power of multi-chains and be able to move your avatars and NFTs across games, creating a trading economy apart from play and earn! BCMH is leading the path to that future.
Joseph, Chainflow Capital: Blockchain Monster Hunt is bringing the biggest revolution to crypto gaming since the Play to Earn movement began. The team is driven and diligent. The game is both technologically advanced as well as exciting and fun in a way that will appeal to players around the world. We have seen under the hood and more than anything we are desperate to start playing the game — which is great sign. We are proud to support the BCMH team and are looking forward to joining the new wave of Blockchain Defenders!
SL2 Capital Team: A very experienced team launching the first multi-chain project, pushing the boundaries of innovation for the face of multi-chain adoption.
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