Blockchain Monsters
Monsters are created from the blockchain and collected by Blockchain Defenders.
In September 2021, a small team of developers set out on a project to analyze the cryptographic hash functions of multiple blockchains with the intent of finding novel solutions to boost transaction speed and efficiency.
What they ended up discovering was beyond their imagination. It appeared that there was some kind of ‘living’ species that was rapidly evolving and that existed solely on the blockchain.
The team assembled a group of top blockchain scientists and developers who convened with an emergency meeting to discuss their findings. It appeared that new creatures, which they called ‘Monsters’, were being created alongside the new generation of blocks—seemingly at random. Each Monster appeared to be unique with different sounds, attributes, and possesses a unique digital fingerprint—much like human fingerprints or DNA. The Monsters were also moving and astonishingly, appeared to be able to ‘jump’ across blockchains and join a new chain. After deep analysis, the scientists categorized the Monsters into 500 species and reverse engineered the images of those species using binary data in the blockhash.
Concerningly, the team soon realised that while most of the Monsters were cute and friendly, some were evil and dangerous. The evil Monsters appeared to be capable of attacking other Monsters and corrupting the friendly Monsters into horrid and evil variants. The scientists also realised that these evil Monsters were rapidly growing in strength and were starting to attack the blockchain itself. If left alone, there was a risk that they would eventually break the current order of the blockchains and take control of all transactions—causing chaos and disorder worldwide.
The scientists rang the alarm and alerted all the affected blockchains. Behind closed doors, they consulted with the government and hatched a plan to fight this growing threat. There were too many monsters for one nation to deal with, so the plan was to empower regular people around the world to help fight back and defend the blockchain universe.
These fighters were called ‘Blockchain Defenders’. Their mission is to protect the blockchain world to ensure the stability of our global system, as well as to protect the innocent and friendly Blockchain Monsters. The scientists built a special glove that allowed Defenders to interact directly with the blockchain and hunt the Monsters, as well as battle bad Monsters to burn them off the blockchain. The glove also allowed Defenders to relocate displaced monsters onto their correct chains and ensure a maintained stability on each chain.
However, there are too many Monsters, and the Defenders need more recruits. Come and join us as a Blockchain Defender and help protect the entire blockchain universe!
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